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what is pilates

Pilates is a unique exercise method which conditions the mind and body. This total body conditioning system is designed to strengthen and tone muscles, increase flexibility, calm the mind, develop better posture and alignment and encourage effective breathing patterns.

The specifically designed Pilates apparatus and matwork assists you to develop all of this and more. Pilates provides a mind and body workout helping to rebalance and rejuvenate the inner you.

who is pilates for

The Pilates method is appropriate to all shapes and sizes, ages and levels of fitness. Because Renae develops a personalised tailored program unique to you, all your needs and goals are addressed and actioned. This allows for pre and post natal women, injury rehabilitation and clients with specific conditions to reap the benefits of this discipline.

the benefits of pilates

Pilates addresses the WHOLE body

• Improves flexibility, posture and body alignment.
• Eases muscle tension and teaches you to recruit the correct muscles.
• Strengthens and tones muscles.
• Increases core strength.
• Increases body awareness and balance.
• Encourages effective breathing patterns.
• Streamlines your muscles.
• Rebalances the body by activating the deep stabilising muscles
needed to support your joints.

the creator

joseph pilates

Joseph H Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. As a sickly and frail child, he was inspired to develop a keen interest in body conditioning. Educating himself in both Eastern and Western forms of exercise, he became a professional boxer, circus performer and self-defence teacher.

During World War I (1914) Joseph was interned with other German citizens, on the Isle of Man, where he trained other inmates both injured and non-injured. This was the beginning of Joseph developing his matwork and unique spring resistance exercise machines called contrology, now known as Pilates.

Together with his wife Clara, they opened the first Pilates studio (Contrology) in New York. Initially dancers and athletes embraced the method improving their muscle imbalances, posture, balance, strength and flexibility. With his death in 1967, Pilates’ legacy still flourishes “as a man ahead of his time”.

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