I started Pilates after my fifth abdominal operation. I had been left with so much damage from the surgeries that daily life was one of constant pain. I could not stand on my feet for very long before the pain meant I was bent double. I had never done any form of exercise and was sceptical Pilates would help, but was desperate. Pilates has not only helped, but has meant I no longer have any pain at all. Renae started gently with me and has not just re-built my abdominal strength, but made it better than ever. I have had a couple of setbacks with more operations, but it was noticeable after the last operation that my recovery was significantly easier and quicker. Renae has given me my life back and I will always be grateful that I have benefited from her care and expertise. Pilates is now no longer just rehab it has become an essential part of my life. (Melinda Coates 43)

After playing Rugby League and coaching at an elite level for many years, I suffered back pain. Following numerous visits to the Chiropractor and getting temporary relief I was advised by the Chiropractor to try Pilates, to strengthen my core muscles. My first reaction was Pilates, that’s for girls, but being desperate I decided to give it ago. Now 5 years later, I am pain free and have not returned to the chiropractor in that time. I was very impressed at the intensity and variation of programs that Renae delivers. I attend Pilates twice a week for strength, cardiovascular and flexibility workouts and I have no hesitation in recommending Pilates with Renae to people of all ages. (Don Parish 77)

I have been attending Renae’s Studio for the last 4.5 years. When I first attended, I was sceptical, I had been to gyms, pilates with large group sessions with minimal supervision and instruction, physiotherapists for my back problem. I had an injury with bulging discs in my lower back with nerve damage involving my left leg, had 2 operations, the discs remained bulging. When I booked in to see Renae it was 5 years after my injury. By that time I had minimal movement due to pain felt stiff in most joints in my body and I was scared that I would  cause more injury. The first visit was one on one, I walked out of Renae’s studio, drove home, and for the first time in years felt no pain while getting out of my car and into the house. I thought this is going to work. I have been attending classes twice a week since then. I have been able to continue working and have good quality of life. I am very grateful to Renae for all her professional help and her continual encouragement throughout this time. I have become stronger more flexible have good core strength. Renae’s studio is a spacious room with  fresh air flowing. Renae is a brilliant instructor  with  years of experience teaching rehab clients to your elite person. Renae holds educational evenings for her students with guest speakers on occasions. I would recommend Renae’s Pilates Studio to anyone who would like to improve and condition their body and relax their mind and thoughts with such busy life styles we should all spend time for ourselves. Renae I  would never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me. (Jill Ritchie 59)

Why did I start Pilates? After having Pneumonia I decided to do some exercises to help restore some strength and improve breathing. Renae explained to me that Pilates would help with core strength, using only light resistance weight, learn some exercises that I could do at home and breathing techniques that would help after having pneumonia. Before having pneumonia I had a pre-existing condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis (a form of arthritis) which effected my spine and neck as well as some other joints. After about 3 months of doing Pilates I saw and felt an improvement in my core and postural strength as well an increase in flexibility especially in my hips and spine. Renae makes the classes fun and challenging. Everyone has their own program, and each week the exercises and pattern of using the equipment changes. I have been doing Pilates for about 18 months and I look forward to the 1 hour each week. (Peter Wilkinson 62)

I started Pilates in high school before I began training full time in ballet and contemporary, and its fair to say that I fell in love with it. Not only did it improve my strength and posture, but it has given me such a deep understanding of my body. Knowing exactly how your body moves and how to activate particular muscles (that you could never feel in isolation before) is such a valuable thing in the dance industry. I also love it because it is always a challenge and fun! Just like dance, there is always something to improve on and something new to discover, whether it be a new exercise, or something new about yourself and your body. Renae is absolutely brilliant at what she does. Her knowledge and instruction is unmatched and man, will she push you! (Hayley Raw 24)

I’m loving my Pilates classes and look forward to it each week. Eventhough I haven’t been doing it for long, I already feel the benefits both physically and mentally. I find Renae’s class challenging (in a good way) and relaxing. Her studio has a serene atmosphere. For days after my muscles are feeling worked and lengthened and I’m finding I’m more conscious of my posture. The instructors are very devoted and attentive. It’s a lot more fun than any other form of exercise I’ve done before. (Susanne 52)