renae blackmore

Renae Blackmore


Renae is a highly qualified instructor teaching since 1996 and trained with both National and International Masters in the method. Renae’s passion for Pilates comes through her, teaching you, how to execute the control and precision needed for the repertoire, together with increasing your knowledge of how to maintain the correct posture during your daily activities.

Renae believes Pilates has a unique quality to suit everybody. The aim of RBPS is to help you develop a balanced body and calm mind whilst bringing a positive change to your life. Leaving you feeling invigorated and revitalised.

Renae’s qualifications include:

  • Vass and Shaw Physiotherapy and Pilates (1996)
  • Body Arts and Science International USA (2000)
  • Pre and Post Natal Certification (Centre for Womens Fitness USA 2006)
  • Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method (91490 NSW 2010)
  • Principle Membership PAA
  • Level 4 Member APMA
  • Yamuna Foot Fitness Certification (2013)
  • DVD – Pilates TV (2003)
  • Authentic Pilates Certification (2016)

Member of APMA and PAA

central coast winner business award 

australian pilates method assoc
pilates alliance

Renae was drawn to Pilates while dancing professionally, using the unique method as an injury prevention and strengthening tool, Renae believes the method re-shaped her body and was amazed with the results.

In 1995 Renae trained extensively in the Pilates Method with Vass and Shaw Physiotherapy and Pilates. Renae managed their studio at McDonald College School of Performing Arts.

Renae has worked with a vast array of clientele from the elite dancer and footballer, to people with different  pathologies she is able to adapt a suitable program for YOU. Her aim is to give constant commitment to each individual client helping them reach their goals. She is continually enhancing and developing her skills in order to give you the highest level of service. Renae’s passion for pilates comes through her, teaching you how to execute the control and precision needed for the repertoire, together with increasing your body awareness.

To this day Renae is so grateful to have Pilates in her life. For both physical and mental reasons. It helped her maintain an injury free dance career and help her through  the birth of her 2 gorgeous girls. To be able to teach the method to clients and hear the positive changes it has brought  to their lives, brings a smile to her face. She can’t imagine her life without Pilates.

The aim of this studio is provide you with the highest level of quality instructors. Undergoing a comprehensive training program and also completing a certification in Anatomy and Physiology, we conduct in house training and also attend regular workshops and conferences with both National and International leaders in the method, keeping us up to date with current medical research studies.